Is a Home Security System Worth The Expense?

Despite the many benefits of home security systems, along with their technological advances, a lot of homeowners still feel that they are cost-prohibitive and not worth the expense. But home security systems, by their nature serve to deter crime from occurring in your home.

The Cost Of Home Security Systems

Financially-speaking, a home security system can cost as much as $1,000 or more to install, depending on the company and the number of zones being monitored. This is a lot for many homeowners to pay up front. Thankfully, once installed, a home security system can cost less than $20 per month for monitoring.

But although the up-front cost may be significant, homeowners should be aware that the installation of a security system can actually result in discounts on their homeowners insurance. As well, savings can be calculated based on the replacement value of expensive home items.

Additional Home Security System Benefits

While many homeowners may view home security systems as a way to monitor thieves, there are also other benefits that security systems can provide.

In order for any type of home invasion to be successful, a high level of secrecy is needed. Letting the criminals know that your home is protected with a home security sticker on your door may be enough to deter them. And having a security system installed means that your home is constantly being monitored for suspicious activity, whether or not you happen to be at home when an invasion attempt occurs.

A home security system can also double as a way to monitor the goings on in your home, whether it's to ensure the safety of very small children, teenagers or to keep a watchful eye on an ailing and elderly parent.

All in all, a home security system may be best looked upon as a type of insurance. You may not use your car insurance every day, but it's there to protect you if you need it.

Cons Of Home Security Systems

As with any purchase, there are caveats to consider. A family may think that they are completely shielded from any chance of home invasion with a home security system. Unfortunately, this is simply not true.

Even if your home has an audible alarm or is an expensive and sophisticated system, it may not stop al burglars. There are some who won't be deterred by your system simply because their motivation to steal is stronger than their fear of being caught.

If the thief wanting access to your home is a professional, they will likely not be deterred by your system because they know how to circumvent it. They may also be aware of how much time your system will give them to enter and leave with the desired possessions before your local authorities arrive.

False alarms do happen. But what many homeowners don't know is that they will be charged for them, usually by local law enforcement. Whenever the police need to visit your home for security reasons, but don't find any signs of forced entry and there are no suspicious individuals, you can expect a bill to be sent to your home. And so your security system may end up costing you money, even though it may have worked to deter a burglar.

And there are other unfortunate statistics. A shocking 73% of burglars admitted they would still rob a home with an installed security system. Of those burglaries attempted on homes with alarm systems, 40% are successful. And in the last few years, day time burglaries have increased by almost 50%, with almost 90% of burglary attempts occurring when the homeowner is at home.

Weighing Your Options

Statistics should be considered, but not be the only thing relied on when trying to decide about purchasing a home security system. Think of the irreplaceable things in your home. Would you be able to cope with their loss, and the possibility that they wouldn't be returned to you? Although no protection measure is 100% effective, the insurance that a security system can provide can also give you a bit more peace of mind.

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