How To Install Home Security Systems
16.07.2013 13:43

Due to rising crime rate in many neighborhoods, homeowners are resorting to the use of home security systems to protect their families and belongings. Although these systems do not guarantee protection against burglaries, statistics show that houses that have the alarm setups are less susceptible to break-ins, compared to those that do not have them. This is because the burglar thinks twice before entering your house if he knows that there is an alarm system installed.

There are different ways of installing these setups. The method you use mainly depends on the type of components that make up the system. The basic types are easy to install, but the sophisticated ones require the use of specialized equipment and extensive knowledge of both structural engineering and electrical wiring. Here are some guidelines on how to install an alarm system.

If you have just purchased the system, read the instructions that are in the documentation. Some of the information you can get there includes the warranty, installation procedure, user manual registration information and warnings. Ensure you understand all that the warranty entails. This will enable you to avoid things that will void it. The schematics will give you a good idea of where the different components need to be installed.

Sketch where the different components will be installed. In most cases, you will not have enough contacts to wire all the windows and openings that lead to your house. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you place them strategically in order to achieve 100% effectiveness. Choose the windows and doors that are prone to intrusion and mark them for contact installation. Examples of such windows are those that are obstructed from view and that can easily be accessed using a ladder.

Find a good location for the siren. This is the gadget that alerts you when there is a break-in. Choose a central location that will ensure it is heard from every room. You can place it in a location where it can easily be seen. This works to your advantage since it deters burglars from entering your home.

However, if you want it to remain inconspicuous, you can place it in a cabinet. It should produce a very loud sound that will be able to alert those who are in the house and around the compound. Ensure the location you have designated, is close to an electrical socket.

Put the back plate in place and fix the siren loosely. Attach the wires according to the instructions provided in the manual. It is only after you are through attaching them that you can firmly secure the siren in place.

Control panel installation comes next. Drill a hole through the wall. Thread the wire, which will attach the panel to the outlet on the other side of the wall, through the hole. Put the door and window sensors in place. Test them and then firmly secure them with screws. Connect the sensors to the panel and the siren using wires and then join the siren to the control panel. That is how you install home security Houston.


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